[X's Supanova 2004 Cosplay Pics]

These pictures were taken on Sunday at Supanova 2004 (Sydney, Australia). My apologies to those I didn't manage to catch.
I have added some comments and IDs (just hold cursor over thumbnail to view) but would like some help with the unknown characters. As always, you can email me here if you would like larger copies of any of the pictures.

Lulu from FFX Chouji from Naruto doing what he does best...stuffing his face ~_^ Black Tiger? from Orphen Kill Bill crew Aeris and Tifa from FF7 Yep, its that Moogle again. (Check out the 1st pic to see what happened after he pissed Lulu off...) Quon Kisaragi from Rahxephon
Chii from Chobits Naruto and Chouji hanging out ? and Trunks from Dragonball GT? Kill Bill 2 Me and some Stormtrooper types ? from Dragonball ? from Yugioh?

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