Hi, welcome to my mini cosplay gallery. This gallery contains cosplay pics from the various conventions and other cosplay events that I have been lucky enough to attend.

All pics were taken by me unless otherwise mentioned. The pics are deliberately small to help me squeeze the most out of my meagre webspace. You can view IDs and comments by holding your mouse pointer over the thumbnails.

If you would like larger copies of any of my cosplay pics or have any feedback, please feel free to contact me.
Also, any help in identifying any unknown characters or correcting any mistakes would be most appreciated.

Many thanks to all the cosplayers that kindly allowed me to take their pictures. I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery.

Dave (aka X)

Cosplay Pages

Manifest 2003
Animania 2003
Supanova 2004
Animania 2004
Supanova 2006
Supanova 2007
Tokyo Anime Fair 2008
Supanova 2008
SMASH 2008
Animania 2008
Supanova 2009
SMASH 2009
Supanova 2010
SMASH 2010
SMASH 2011