[X's Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Cosplay Pics]

Cosplay pics from the 2008 Tokyo Anime Fair. Unfortunately, cosplaying wasn't actually allowed at the Fair.
So the cosplayers here are all 'offical' ones that were at the various show booths.
You can email me here if you would like larger copies of any of the pictures or have any comments or corrections.

Lala from To Love Ru Lelouch? from Code Geass ? Group from Soul Eater Ryomou Shimei from Ikkitousen
Nodame in Mongoose Costume from Nodame Cantabile ? from To Love Ru Haruna Sairenji from To Love Ru Gurren Lagann from Gurren Lagann Al from Full Metal Alchemist
Birdy from Birdy the Mighty Decode ? ?

Group from Soul Eater Group from To Love Ru ? Yoko(x2) and Enki from Gurren Lagann

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