[X's Supanova 2008 Cosplay Pics]

Cosplay pics for Supanova 2008 (Sydney, Australia).
I only went on Saturday this year so my apologies for not having any pics of Sunday's cosplayers.
You can email me here if you would like larger copies of any of the pictures or have any comments, corrections or suggestions.

[Saturday Cosplayers]

Mint and Milfeuille from Galaxy Angels Altair from Assassin's Creed ? from Bleach ? and Tifa and Vincent from FF7 Cloud from FF7 Zabuza and Haku from Naruto
Byakuya and Renji from Bleach ? Zero from Vampire Knight Tusken Raiders from Star Wars ? from Death Note? D Gray Man Group
Akatsuki from Naruto Ukitake from Bleach Red Mage from FF11 ? from Beyblades Sakura from Naruto Anbu from Naruto
Sora from Kingdom Hearts Haruko from FLCL Doctor Who Group Engineer and Scout from Team Fortress 2 Gaara from Naruto ?
? from Saint Seiya Hades from Saint Seiya ? from D Gray Man? ? Hypnos from Saint Seiya MGS?
Rin from Fate's Day Night Cid from FF7 Mini Link from Zelda and Mini Mario from Mario Bros Sasuke and Naruto from Naruto Shipuuden Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd Marta and Emil from Tales of Symphonia:Knight of Ratatosk
Wolfwood and Vash from Trigun Broly from Dragon Ball Z Logan (aka Wolverine) from X-Men and Inuyasha from Inuyasha Aeris and Sephiroth from FF7 ? Master Chief and Master Chief Jr. from Halo Sub Zero and Scorpion from Motral Kombat and the Joker
Justin and Sue from Grandia and ? Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy and ? from Mario Bros Galaxy Angels Group Mini Master Chief and Mini Jedi vs R2D2 Disney Group Tekken 5 Group Disney Group

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