[X's Animania 2004 Cosplay Pics]

Well my cosplay pics are now up for Animania 2004 (Sydney, Australia).
I have added some IDs (Hold cursor over thumbnails) and would appreciate help identifying any unknowns. You can email me here if you would like larger copies of any of the pictures or have any comments or corrections.
I've added a few more IDs thanks to Rennuian.

[Saturday Cosplayers]

Sanzo and Goku from Saiyuki Akabane Kuroudo from Getbackers Kakashi from Naruto Sadako from The Ring Itachi and Kiba (with Akamaru) from Naruto Priest? from Ragnarok Sasuke from Naruto Angelic Layer Group (Hikaru, Suzuka and Wizard) - Great costumes and great skit!
Asuma and Sasuke from Naruto Lenne? from FFX-2 and Auron from FFX Vash from Trigun Yuna? from FFX-2 and Tidus from FFX Li Shaoran from Carad Captor Sakura and ? Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon Haku and Ino from Naruto Kagero? from Ninja Scroll? and the Tentacle Monster!!
Shugo? from .Hack and Scheris? from Scryed Jiraiya and Naruto from Naruto Bulma from Dragonball ? from Ragnarok? Vincent from FF7 and Shindou Shuichi from Gravitation A different Kakashi from Naruto Folken from Escaflowne ? and Haku and Zabuza from Naruto
Gai-Sensei from Naruto. This guy was classic! Tifa from FF7 ? from Full Metal Alchemist Naruto from Naruto ? from Chrno Crusade?, ? and Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop Dark Chii from Chobits and Sailor Moon Li Shaoran from Card Captor Sakura Konohomaru, Chouji and Sasuke from Naruto
Ed and Winry from Full Metal Alchemist Great Original Cosplay Subaru from X/1999 ? from Ragnarok Goku from Saiyuki Gaara from Naruto. Great Pose eh? Temari from Naruto. Love the fan. Some tired Naruto cosplayers waiting in the queue
Trigun Group (Milly, Meryl, Wolfwood and Vash) Vash in trouble again Asuma (Me ;))and Itachi from Naruto Card Captor Sakura Group?

[Sunday Cosplayers]

? from FruitsBasket? and Misao from Rurouni Kenshin Anko from Naruto Dark Chii from Chobits Ed from Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Hope you had a great birthday! Haruko from FLCL Haru from The Cat Returns Goku from Saiyuki
? ? from Kingdom Hearts Chii from Chobits Human Inuyasha from Inuyasha Mima? from Perfect Blue Sakura from Card Captor Sakura Lenne/Yuna? from FFX-2 Inuyasha and ?
Integra and Alucard from Helsing Guts from Berserk Lilith? from Evangelion. Fantastic piece of work! Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus from Sailor Moon Naruto and Copy from Naruto

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