[X's Animania 2003 Cosplay Pics]

These pictures were taken at Animania 2003 (Sydney, Australia).

[Saturday Cosplayers]

Yugi and Dark Magician from Yugi-Oh and a Shrine Maiden. These guys arrived at 7:30am straight from Melbourne! Beat that people... Sailor Moon, Chibi Usa and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu and Alucard from Helsing Alucard from Helsing again Jess as Tifa from FF7 Lulu from FFX Moogle from FF series San from Princess Mononoke Big cosplay group with great costumes including some fantastic Magic Knights Rayearth cosplayers Alucard from Helsing and Kakashi (Me ~_^) from Naruto checking out Icha Icha Paradise
Songstress? Yuna from FFX-2 and Rinoa from FF8 Chiyo and Tomo from Azumanga Daioh Chibi as Songstress Yuna from FFX-2 Ryoko from Nadesico. Another awesome costume from Beatrix Terra from FF6. Very intricate costume Vash from Trigun. He had his own fangirl contingent too ~_^ Breetai from Macross Yuki from Gravitation. Another fangirl magnet hehe Cosplayers lining up for Saturdays competition Pazu and Sheeta from Laputa. It was great to see some Japanese fans cosplaying at the con too
Belldandy from Oh My Goddess and Setzer from FF6? Terra from FF6 and Yuna? from FFX-2 The Chiyo/Penguin from Azumanga Daioh. ? from a Shoujo Game with a name I can never remember Blackjack from Blackjack...sans wig Dejiko 0_0 and Rabi-en-Rose from Digicharat Anderson from Helsing Akito?? from Nadesico movie? and Chun Li from Streetfighter Cool Card Captor Sakura group with Li Shaoran, Meilin and Sakura Yuna from FFX with well-crafted Nirvana? version of staff
? from the Gravitation group Yomiko from Read Or Die Mima from Perfect Blue Dark Chii revealed! I was a bit bummed that I missed getting pics of her in her awesome costume :( Oh well, not like there aren't a gazillion other pics of her on the net to choose from :) Alucard from Helsing and Vash from Trigun strutting their stuff Miyu and Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu ? from unidentified series

[Saturday Cosplayers (GK's Pics)]

A moogle and a Chocobo from FF Series. Oh, and one mean looking Alucard Plushie Cosplayers Anonymous Meeting? Lenne? or Yuna? from FFX-2 Vash with Kuroneko from Trigun Jess as Tifa again. Yomiko from Read or Die The Laputa pair - Pazu and Sheeta Alucard from Helsing in a classic pose Dejiko and Rabi-En-Rose from Digicharat and ALucard from Helsing having a discussion Mr Penguin chowing down on Penguin Pocky
Its all about the poses people. These cosplayers show us how its done. Black Chii (Freya) in full regalia. Down fanboy DOWN! Breetai from Macross. I hope you used the right body paint there mate ~_^ Terra from FF6 and Songstress? Yuna from FFX-2 Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. Nice Pose Meilin from Card Captor Sakura Li Shaoran from Card Captor Sakura The Azumanga Daoih girls again. San from Princess Mononoke, Belldandy from Oh My Goddess and ? from unidentified series

[Sunday Cosplayers]

Kawaii-no-Miko as Lime from Saber Marionette J San from Princess Mononoke and ? from unidentified series Annie as Reki from Haibane Renmei and Jess as Ruri from Nadesico....BAKA! No Face from Spirited Away. Okay, who left the door open?? Chibi as Anna from Shaman King Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin OVA No Face from Spirited Away sharing some treats....just don't get too close ~_^ Authormon as Daisuke? from Digimon Anbu (Me again ~_^) and Beatrix as Sakura from Naruto Sakura from Naruto and a great cosplay group with Seras Victoria from Helsing, Vash from Trigun and Lenne? from FFX-2
Cosplayers lining up for Sundays contest. You're showing too much leg there girl...er man...er whatever Konoha Duplication Jutsu - 2 Sakuras from Naruto Nabeshin from Excel Saga. Do not underestimate the power of the Afro....With great hair comes great responsibility.....Hair today, gone tomorrow....er sorry, I'll stop now Cute Lain in Bear suit. These are her real pyjamas! I want jammies like those too!! The lovely Tama-chan as Scheris from Scryed An excellent Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed Ayu? from Kanon Chloe in a great costume of Umi from Magic Knights Rayearth Li Shaoran from Card Captor Sakura and ? from Digimon??? Pa-Kun from Naruto guarding the Info Desk

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